cutting edge, active, widescreen 3D live surgery. A whole new experience that brings the benefits of LED screen technology to the world of 3D procedures.

At mediAVentures, we have a long and successful history when it comes to 3D live surgery. Until recently, a widescreen 3D image could only be presented to large audiences with the help of multiple projectors, polarized projector filters and glasses. This system had a lot of limitations as it was challenging to make the projector blend work for every position in the audience and a lack of brightness was often one of the more noticeable drawbacks.

LED walls have already taken over most of the entertainment industry, it has been the number one choice over projectors for mediAVentures for years. However, we had to wait until now to see this ever-evolving technology of large LED displays and image processors exceeding the magic limit of a 120Hz refresh rate. We finally saw a chance to move from passive, projector powered LED screens to active 3D LED walls, the first tests instantly took our breath away.

Imagine that every surgeon or specialist in the audience receives a stylish set of glasses. When you try these on, you do not see anything happening, it’s just like a normal set of clear glasses. However, when you look at the LED wall, you instantly see in 3 dimensions, as you never have before. These active glasses cover one of your eyes, alternating between the eyes 120 times per second, too fast for the brain to notice. By syncing the 60 crystal-clear and bright LED wall images for your left eye with the alternating 60 frames for your right eye, you can see and almost feel the fluent 3D image with more depth and precision than ever before.

Bringing all the benefits of LED wall technology to the world of 3D surgery is one of the biggest achievements for mediAVentures in recent years. From open heart procedures to robotic surgery, the added value for attendees overwhelming. It really is one of those ‘see-it-to-believe-it’ technological innovations. We can create 3D LED walls up to 26 meters long to cover vast audiences of up to 5000 persons.

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