Holographic Stage

Early in 2019, we received a simple request by one of our customers, create a lasting impressing for the audience, your only limit is the height of the hotel venue. It was the start of an inspiring journey…

The stage derives its name from the see-through LED panels behind the speaker and moderators. The combination of backlit Perspex glass panels followed by a layer of ultra-thin see-through LED strips and finished by beautiful raw beech wood pillars creates a holographic illusion. Cleverly made product video renders appear to be floating within this structure.

The main feature of this stage is a large high-resolution, sweeping curved LED wall. Floating wooden arches complete the organic feel of the set. The design was broken down into small, modular pieces to enable the different elements to be re-used in different shapes for different shows. Combined with our usual services including a tailor-made control room, speaker ready room, presentation management system and audience voting tools, it was indeed a show to remember.