Live-Events platform updates May 2021

Another month, another set of tools added to our Live-Events virtual platform. This time, we focussed on simultaneous interpretation, chat functionality, virtual poster areas and improved sponsor visibility...
Large virtual congress improvements
  • Poster areas can hold large amounts of scientific data, neatly organized in categories and more interactive than ever, allowing attendees to start a chat or leave comments on certain posters and authors.
  • A beautiful real time program timeline giving a comprehensive overview of all active sessions in multiple virtual rooms.
  • A powerful search tool quickly finds on-demand sessions, presenters, surveys and much more.
  • Sponsor areas display all partners with their unique personal space and information.
  • Real time support during the event via chat or phone.
  • Advanced session information.
  • Chat functionality between attendees and sponsors.

a sneak peak on our platform during the BVK/SBP virtual congress 2021:

Multi Language support is here

One of the most popular and challenging requests has been answered. Our platform is featuring multiple languages in 2 ways:

  • A dropdown menu on the home page where attendees can select a language. This translates all of the registration forms, navigation, menus and pages.
  • A language selector during a live streaming session integrates multiple interpreters in real-time:

a sneak peak of our live interpreter functionality during LAAO Digital Summit 2021
Improved chat functionality

Interactivity has been the driving force behind our Live-Events platform. Easily allowing sponsors, keynote speakers and attendees to engage in one-to-one chats and group discussions from anywhere on the platform was therefore one of our priorities.

  • Book an appointment with a product specialist.
  • Send a ‘contact me’ request to a specific attendee.
  • Have an informal chat with a long lost colleague.
  • Comment on a scientific poster, asking questions directly to the author.
  • Join a group chat with a sponsor, debating about specific product updates.
A powerful link to your own CRM system

Recent global challenges have triggered a revolution in virtual meetings and content delivery. MediAVentures is at the forefront of innovation pushing interactive scientific sessions to a new level with powerful analytics and interesting leads. Working alongside your IT-department, our in-house development team can assist in connecting these revolutionary tools to your own CRM data system.

Whether you want to automate registration, CME certificates or set-up appointments with product specialists after certain questions were asked during a live session, our platform is at your service.

And so much more…

Discover all the functionality of our platform here: