It’s good to be back!

After 18 months of memorable COVID restrictions, we welcomed back our first trailer of the new season in early September and set sail for the Catharina hospital in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Ready to roll out our newly developed hybrid toolset and a customized see-through stage design to celebrate the occasion…

An all-black, tailor-made structure fitted around the existing stage in the Wintergarden to support our main character, three sections of ultra-high resolution LED screen effortlessly floating in place.

The LED screens were accompanied by LED strip lights, providing an eye-catching yet subtle element that doubled as a backdrop for the speakers and moderators. Powerful blue wash lights were placed in strategic positions to create a sense of depth by lighting up the structure and the back wall. Eight of our brand new and powerful studio washes provided key light for each of the 4 robotic cameras in the Wintergarden.

While participants enjoyed the natural sunlight in the room, our director and engineers managed to deploy all the hybrid and interactive tools we developed over the past few months. Remote speakers and moderators were seamlessly integrated into the show, while high-quality streaming through our unique and interactive platform further helped to remove existing barriers between physical and remote attendees. Everyone felt truly connected to the Catharina hospital and joined the action unfolding on stage at their own pace.

We can’t wait to see where the future brings us next as we continue to develop our interactive and hybrid toolset. Shaping the future of medical meetings and congresses, bringing experts from around the world together both virtually and physically. Crystal clear, faster, and more interactive than ever before.

See you soon,

The mediAVentures team.

A journey from concept to completion…