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Live surgery + Congress support

Leipzig, Germany, 2018-01-24 (4 days)

Last January 2018, it was already the 14th time mediAVentures supported the LINC meeting! The Leipzig INterventional Course is definitely the biggest and most successful endovascular congress in the world. Originally, back in 2004, it started with about 200 participants at a small meeting in the hospital. Already in 2005, LINC moved to the Westin Hotel and in 2009 it was held in the Congress Center Leipzig because of the increasing number of participants.  As LINC grew to a total of over 5.000 participants, we moved again and now build all meeting rooms and the exhibition in one of the big expo-halls of the Messe Leipzig. 

The live treatment of about 100 patients during the congress is one of the major reasons for the success of LINC, as finding these patients willing to undergo their treatments live and during sometimes very new and complex procedures is a difficult and time-consuming task.  Moreover, these live cases were transmitted from 13 different live sites, 2 of which were transatlantic. The team of Prof. Dierk Scheinert worked from 3 cathlabs in the Universitätsklinikum Leipzig, which meant that we had three parallel cases going on, all transmitted in "quadruple feed" (actually using 4K carriers on our microwave links). We are not aware of any other medical congress which applies a multi-window/multi-meeting room approach to live case transmissions on such a scale and we were proud to be able to offer these "live cases produced by mediAVentures" !! Apart from the Leipzig site we were also able to transmit from German sites in Berlin, Bad Krozingen, Jena, Frankfurt and Münster, from Italian sites in Cotignola and Albano Terme and from a Swiss site in Zürich.  Next to this, there was a day of transmissions from Paris, France, and our yearly transmission from Galway, Ireland ! Two US sites, Teaneck, NJ, and once more, New York, NY provided this meeting with an even more international touch.

Evidently, in all 13 live centers our own teams were standby, and transmitted at least dual feeds (one with camera images and one with medical images). As usual, at the Leipzig and the New York sites, quadruple feeds were transmitted. 

At the Messe, MediAVentures build two Main Arenas, a Technical Forum, an open style Discussion Forum, the Global Exchange Forum and 2 Speaker’s Corners. The novelty of this year is the complete breakthrough of LED walls instead of the typical projection. All rooms were equipped with very big LED screens and widescreen projections, where relevant we combined this with a 4K/UHD workflow.  

Of course, Main Arena 1, which is circular and without real walls or curtains but constructed with our glass panels and decorative acoustic sound baffles, was the eye catcher and has proven to be a big success over the last two years. This "meeting room of the future", more open and soundproof than ever, has now been rolled out in all meeting rooms of the congress. This innovation is how we see the future for the big congresses that need temporary meeting rooms constructed!!

We also saw to the building of the pavilion for Medtronic, and in the meantime made sure that all posters at LINC were presented digitally, using two of our eMP-islands. Naturally, our “LINC Cube”, a 4-sided big 'projection' box, was positioned centrally in the hall at an ideal position to show live cases from each of the rooms in between sponsored messages and videos. Finally, there was the LINC Lounge, a dedicated space between the Discussion forum and the WL Gore pavilion, where the participants can enjoy a nice set-up of a LED wall and a lounge set-up to show promotion clips on all the upcoming and future LINC related meetings (in which we are mostly involved in too). This lounge area was also used as an overflow area for Main Arena 1. 

As usual, our approximately 100 freelancers made this meeting a huge success for everybody.

Leipzig,Berlin,Cotignola,Abano Terme,New York,Teaneck,Galway,Paris,Frankfurt,Münster,Zürich,Jena,Bad Krozingen

Live locations: Leipzig, Berlin, Cotignola, Abano Terme, New York, Teaneck, Galway, Paris, Frankfurt, Münster, Zürich, Jena, Bad Krozingen

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Medtronic Aortic Valve Treatment ParisBEST Meeting BrugesCATBBAS IV Brussels7th Future of Heart Failure meetingERUS 2018 MarseilleESC 2018 Munchen