Chroma keying magic.

2020 has made us re-connect with an old friend, the green screen studio.

This time, we are throwing cutting-edge technology into the mix, combining ultra high-resolution keying with jaw-dropping virtual worlds.

One more thing... It's all in real-time as well.

Camera set, go!

Green screen recording opens a word of possibilities in post production.

Branded backgrounds, voice overs, floating infographics, slides and other specific content is added at your own pace in our editing studios,

you are in full control

Integrate a studio into your congress.

Impress visitors with a professional and open recording studio during your congress.

Our famous glass structures provide passerby’s with a sneak peek into an active TV studio.

Go realtime.

Cutting-edge technology allows us to create a real-time, branded virtual world around you.

Host an entire congress from a corner of your office, we will build a jaw-dropping world around it, leaving attendees with a visual experience to remember.

Basic 2D Virtual Studio

Both suited for post-production and real-time.

Cleverly programmed fixed camera positions create a basic 3D illusion.

Real-time PowerPoint, video and branding.

IMMERSIVE 3D virtual world

Both suited for post-production and real-time.

Jaw-dropping 3D environments with real-time video, scenery and lighting.

Place single speakers behind a lectern, product experts on a virtual stage or add a physical table with moderators into the environment.

Add augmented reality elements, such as technical 3D product animations in post-production.


Create virtual hubs with a regional live audience.

Add live interaction with other hubs on strategic places around the world.

Unique behind-the-scenes experience for attendees.


A small mediAVentures team comes to your office to record a few sessions.

Perfect for product announcements, introduction videos and product expert interviews.

You are in control, work alongside our editing studios to create the perfect setting around this recorded footage.

Add floating infographics, slides and branded elements in post-production.