the nature of your procedure determines our workflow

2D HD - 3D HD - UHD

At mediAVentures, we understand that each procedure is unique and requires a combination of tools and technology to project the OR experience and specific case challenges onto the audience.


Local recording of multiple tracks ensures native quality and control in post production, independent of transmission and live events.

multi OR

A local video control hub allows for multiple, simultaneous OR rooms or a fluent transition between simultaneous cases.

dedicated director

An in-hospital director ensures clear communication with the event venue, bringing the essence of the procedure to the audience at the correct time.

medical feeds

We duplicate and transmit any relevant medical imaging device, bringing the surgeons tools and data directly to the audience in native quality.

experienced crew

Our crew has extensive experience in OR and cathlab environments around the world, from a surgeons microphone preference to state of the art custom boom cameras for overhead filming.

From an ultra-low-latency private proctoring session to large-audience, fully immersive active 3D LED technology, we bring the unique challenges of each individual procedure to life in a reliable and interactive way.

THE mediAVentures WAY