From the first sketch to the final analytical audience report.

It’s good to be back!

After 18 months of memorable COVID restrictions, we welcomed back our first trailer of the new season in early September and set sail for the Catharina hospital in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Ready to roll out our newly developed hybrid toolset and a customized see-through stage design to celebrate the occasion…


Branded landing pages

Get a sneak peak into our ‘anything is possible’ workflow. Branded and organized landing pages help attendees to get the most out of their online journey, while creating a lasting impression of the event.


Live-Events platform updates May 2021

Another month, another set of tools added to our Live-Events virtual platform. This time, we focussed on simultaneous interpretation, chat functionality, virtual poster areas and improved sponsor visibility…


A year of tailor-made virtual solutions

A global lockdown and unprecedented event restrictions in early March started a wave of cancellations across the entire mediAVentures project calendar for 2020. A few days later, the core in-house product development team held their very first virtual meeting to discuss a radical and ambitious idea, our virtual booths were born.


Remote Proctoring – AZ Sint-Jan Bruges

Our mediAVentures in-house engineering team came up with a tailor-made solution for ultra-low-latency proctoring across different continents, helping product specialists around the globe to overcome travel restrictions. Providing a comfortable and highly interactive proctoring environment to support the surgical team in Bruges during this ‘first-of-a-kind’ procedure.


EC DG DEVCO & DG NEAR Staff Seminar

The infamous sheds at Tour & Taxis Brussels are filled with history and create a unique backdrop for different events. However, old buildings do come with their specific set of challenges…


Holographic Stage

Early in 2019, we received a simple request by one of our customers, create a lasting impressing for the audience, your only limit is the height of the hotel venue. It was the start of an inspiring journey…



cutting edge, active, widescreen 3D live surgery. A whole new experience that brings the benefits of LED screen technology to the world of 3D procedures.


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