remote PROCTORING - core principles

Subtle and agile.

A small team of mediAVentures specialists prepares your OR for one or more proctoring sessions.
With minimal production effort and logistics, you are flexible in scheduling various procedures with different groups of experts or students.

A handful of specialist.

Invite a few specialists or students for an interactive and hands-on experience.
Try or perfect new techniques with the help of product specialists around the globe.

No travel required.

Proctors, students and product specialists can meet each other from the comfort of their home or hospital, all through a one-click login system.
This allows for flexible planning and an extended reach across all continents, reaching out to the community as never before.


After logging in, your colleagues are immediately at the heart of the action, all within a maximum delay of 800 milliseconds.
Alongside a high definition mix of the OR action, all relevant medical video sources are made available, giving all attendees a clear and immersive look on your surgery, technique and challenges.

Extend your network.

The mediAVentures remote proctoring toolset provides an accessible way to extend your network.
From students, train-the-trainer workshops, meet the experts sessions all the way through to international support for new procedures.
Work alongside and share your skills with colleagues around the globe, with minimal effort.

LET's see what we can do for you today!

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Our mediAVentures in-house engineering team came up with a tailor-made solution for ultra-low-latency proctoring across different continents, helping product specialists around the globe to overcome travel restrictions. Providing a comfortable and highly interactive proctoring environment to support the surgical team in Bruges during this ‘first-of-a-kind’ procedure.